Musical Childhoods of Asia and the Pacific

Edited by:
Chee-Hoo Lum, Nanyang Technological University
Peter Whiteman, Macquarie University

A volume in the series: Advances in Music Education Research. Editor(s): Linda K. Thompson, Lee University. Mark Robin Campbell, SUNY at Potsdam.

Published 2012

Musical Childhoods of Asia and the Pacific agglomerates stories of young children’s music and musicking from around Southeast Asia and the Pacific. A collection of truly unique traditions are interrogated through a variety of contemporary methodologies. Readers are privileged to hear about children’s musical worlds from children, mothers’ musical worlds from mothers, a struggle to engage with music in a closed society, and new gender politics, among other stories. Researchers share experiences and insights gained from applying their chosen methodologies and add to the debate that shapes the continually transforming domain of music education research.

Musical Childhoods builds on the diverse inquiry presented in the first three volumes in the series. This volume is an important addition to the libraries of colleges of education and schools of music, as well as music scholars and educators, researchers, and graduate students who are concerned with advancing both the scope and quality of research in the study of music teaching and learning.

1. Children and Childhoods, Chee-Hoo Lum and Peter Whiteman. 2. Embodied Learning of Music and Gender in Balinese Children’s Gamelans, Sonja Lynn Downing. 3. Speaking Autoethnographically and Singing Maternally, Elizabeth Mackinlay. 4. Hanging Out With Britney and Raihan: The Colorful Musical Lives of Malay/Muslim Children in Singapore, Chee-Hoo Lum. 5. Ki-ak-mu as the Basis for Integrated Arts Class for Korean Children: Curriculum Construction and Application, Young-Youn Kim. 6. Where Every Child is Smart: Nurturing Musical Intelligence Through Traditional Musics in Early Childhood Education in a Multiple Intelligences International School, Manila, Philippines, Pamela Costes-Onishi. 7. Incorporating Formal Lesson Materials into Spontaneous Musical Play: A Window for How Young Children Learn Music, Mayumi Adachi. 8. Picture It! Young Children Conceptualizing Music, Peter Whiteman and Patricia Shehan Campbell. 9. Young Children’s Free Music Play: Music Behavior and Peer Interaction, Pyng-Na Lee. 10. Western Music Education in Post-World War II Burma/Myanmar: The Case of a Young Violinist and the Gitameit Music Center, Hideaki Onishi and Kit Young. 11. How Children Learn in a Gharana: A Case Study of the Family of Ustad Kadar Khan, Sumita Ambasta and Christopher McLeod, with Ustad Kadar Khan Kalavant.