New Frontiers for Self Research

Edited by:
Herbert Marsh, University of Western Sydney
Rhonda G. Craven, University of Western Sydney
Dennis M. McInerney, The Education University of Hong Kong

A volume in the series: International Advances in Self Research. Editor(s): Rhonda G. Craven, University of Western Sydney. Herbert Marsh, University of Western Sydney. Dennis M. McInerney, The Education University of Hong Kong.

Published 2006

Preface. About The Monograph Series. Part I: Overview. The New Frontier For Self Research, Herbert W. Marsh, Rhonda G. Craven, and Dennis M. Mcinerney. Part II: Theoretical Issues. The Ontogeny Of Ability Self Concepts And Subjective Task Values. Jacquelynne S. Eccles. On The Relationships Between Explicit and Implicit Global Self-esteem and Personality, Jerry Suls and Zlatan Krizan. Self-efficacy and Self-concept Beliefs: Jointly Contributing To The Quality Of Human Life, Frank Pajares and Dale H. Schunk. Do Self-beliefs Matter? Evidence From A Metaanalysis, Jeffrey C. Valentine and David L. Dubois. Self Theories In A Non-western Milieu: Ten Years of Research In The Arab Culture, Maher M. Abu Hilal. What Comes First?: A Reciprocal Effects Model of The Mutually Reinforcing Effects Of Academic Selfconcept And Achievement, Herbert W. Marsh, and Rhonda G. Craven. Part III: Measurement Issues. Experiences With And Reflections On The Self-concept Construct Within An Historical Framework, William B. Michael and Joan J. Michael. Multiple Frames Of Reference: The Relation Among Academic Self-concept, Interest And Academic Choices, Olaf Köller, Jürgen Baumert and Ulrich Trautwein. Reconsidering The Measurement Of Student Selfconcept: Use And Misuse, Alexander Seeshing Yeung. Self-esteem Success/pretensions: Assessing pretensions/importance In Selfesteem, John Hattie and Richard Fletcher. Part IV: Applied Studies: Focus On Schooling. Self-concepts Of Indigenous And Non-indigenous Australian Students, Nola Purdie. Edifying Pathways To Walk The Dream: An Empirical Analysis Of Indigenous Australian Students’ Aspirations, Self-concepts, And Realities, Rhonda G. Craven and Herbert W. Marsh. Achievement-related Self-perceptions And The Reading Recovery Programme: A Longitudinal Study, James W. Chapman and William E. Tunmer. Factorial Structure And Comparison Between Obese And Non-obese Chinese Children’s Physical Self-concept, K. T. Hau, R. Y. T. Sung, C. W. Yu, and P. W. C. Lau. Fear Of Failure In Students’ Academic Lives: Exploring The Roles Of Self-handicapping And Defensive Pessimism, Andrew J. Martin. About The Editors. About The Contributors. Index.