New Multinational Network Sharing

Edited by:
George B. Graen, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana (retired)
Joan A. Graen, Graen and Associates

A volume in the series: LMX Leadership: The Series. Editor(s): George B. Graen, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana (retired).

Published 2007

This book employs a network-centric approach to the new field of multinational leadership and network sharing. Networks go beyond teams but may include teams of various types from homogeneous project teams to multinational strategy teams and every type of team between. Conventional wisdom was that nothing larger than a relatively small team could be led effectively because the number of relationships between people is about one half of the square of the size of the team. For a team in which every member depends on every other member, the number of interdependent relationships becomes overwhelming with relatively small team sizes. Fortunately, recent technical advances in network analysis and multicultural cooperation have been developed to rescue us from mind boggling bombardments of everyone trying to communicate over all others at once. Merely thinking about such a Kafkaesque situation hurts our heads. Armed with these two breakthroughs fairly large networks, both national and multinational, can be led effectively with appropriate selection and training. This book furthers our attempts to make functional networks perform their promise of becoming “superteams.”

Foreword. Preface. New Genotype for Enhancing Shared Network Leadership, George B. Graen. Phenotype for Enhancing Multicultural Network Leadership, George B. Graen. Conflict and Harmony in Foreign-Sino Ventures in China, Yi Feng Chen, Dean Tjosvold and Chunyan Peng. Making LMX leadership work in China, Ziguang Chen and Wing Lam. Attribution Theory and LMX Theory, Wing Lam. Creation of the Wal-Mart Team of Procter & Gamble, Michael R. Graen. Leader-member Exchange in the People’s Republic of China: Preliminary Research on the Contents and Dimensions, Hui Wang, Xuefeng Liu, and Kenneth S. Law. Examining Component Measures of Team Leader-Member Exchange (LMX-SLX) Using Item Response Theory, Charles A. Scherbaum, Loren J. Naidoo, and Jennifer M. Ferreter. The Job Characteristics Model and LMX-MMX Leadership, Yitzhak Fried, Ariel S. Levi and Gregory Laurence. Integrating Graen’s LMX Leadership Theory and Hackman’s Job Characteristics Model, George B. Graen. Emerging Integration of Organizational Strategy and Operations: Summary and Conclusions, George B. Graen. About The Authors.