On Indian Ground


Edited by:
Joely Proudfit, California State University San Marcos
Nicole Quinderro Myers‐Lim

A volume in the series: On Indian Ground: A Return to Indigenous Knowledge-Generating Hope, Leadership and Sovereignty through Education. Editor(s): Joely Proudfit, California State University San Marcos . Linda Sue Warner, Northeastern A & M College.

Published 2017

On Indian Ground: California is the first in a series of ten books on American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian education. The focus of this text is the 110 tribes in California and the best practices available to educators of native students in K‐16.

This volume explores the history of California Indian education as well as current policies on early childhood education, gifted education, curriculum, counseling, funding, and research. The chapters provide a unique look at crosscutting themes, such as sustainability, economic development, health and wellness, and historical trauma and bias.

Preface: On Indian Ground: A Return to Indigenous Knowledge. Introduction: A Return to Indigenous Knowledge: Generating Hope, Leadership, and Sovereignty Through Education. Protecting the Treasure: A History of Indigenous Education in California, Kishan Lara‐Cooper. History of Indian Education in California, Sabine Nicole Talaugon. Navigating the System: Key Elements and Processes, Gerald A. Lieberman. Tokoy: A Circle of Promise for the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians, Nicolasa I. Sandoval. Early Learning and Best Practice in a Native American Head Start Program, Tamara Alexander and Mikela Jones. K–12 Best Practices: Creating Successful American Indian Students, Melissa Leal. Teaching Truth: Social Justice for California Native Students, Joely Proudfit and Nicole Quinderro Myers‐Lim. Revitalizing Critically Endangered Languages in California: Case Study and Promising Practices, Theresa L. Gregor and Stanley Rodriguez. Higher Education in California, ,i>Joely Proudfit and Linda Sue Warner. A Multilogical Approach to Giftedness: Creating a Space for Indigenous Knowledge, Kishan Lara‐Cooper. Assessing California State Curriculum and Its Impacts on K–12 Students, Nicole Quinderro Myers‐Lim. Counseling: Cultural Components to Counseling and Advising, André P. Cramblit. Miromaa: Awakening California Tribal Languages in Digital Spaces, Tomio Endo. Funding, Finance, and School Accountability, Rodney Beaulieu. Parents and Tribal Community Efforts, Tishmall Turner and Hunwut Turner. Educational Research: Using a Health‐Based Model, Deborah J. Morton. California Urban Indian Education, Linda Sue Warner. Addressing “Anti‐Indian” Historical Bias in California Public Schools Through Better Practices, Sabine Nicole Talaugon. About the Contributors.


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