Opportunity Identification and Entrepreneurial Behavior

Edited by:
John E. Butler, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

A volume in the series: Research in Entrepreneurship and Management. Editor(s): John E. Butler, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Published 2006

Opportunity Identification and Entrepreneurial Behavior: An Introduction, John E. Butler. Systematic Search by Repeat Entrepreneurs, James O. Fiet, Van G.H. Clouse and William I. Norton, Jr. Opportunities as Attributions: The Enterprise-Serving Bias, William B. Gartner and Kelly G. Shaver. Opportunity Recognition: Insights from a Cognitive Perspective, Robert A. Baron. Opportunity Identification Behavior by Different Types of Entrepreneurs, Deniz Ucbasaran. Bisociation and Opportunity, Stephen Ko. So What Is an Entrepreneurial Opportunity? C. M. Gaglio. The Individuality of Opportunity Recognition: A Critical Review and Extension, Dimo P. Dimov. Extraordinary versus Ordinary Discoveries: The Case of American and Chinese Entrepreneurship, Tony Fu-Lai Yu. Identification of Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Asia: A Look at the Philippines and Vietnam, C. Christopher Baughn, Victor A. Lim, Linh Thi My Le, Kent E. Neupert and L. Shelton Woods. How Knowledge Affects Opportunity Discovery and Exploitation Among New Ventures in Dynamic Markets, Alexander McKelvie and Johan Wiklund. Technological Innovation and the Early-Stage Development of New Technology Small Firms: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Capacity, and the Opportunity Discovery Process, John Yencken and Murray Gillin. Perceiving Opportunity “Through a Fog of Uncertainty”: Haworth, Inc. (1948–1976), William R. Sandberg and Thomas J. Hench. Constructing Corridors to Economic Primitives: Entrepreneurial Opportunities as Deman-Side Artifacts, Saras D. Sarasvathy. Index.