Optimizing Talent Workbook

Building an Unbeatable Talent Brand

Linda D. Sharkey
Sarah McArthur

Published 2014

The Optimizing Talent Workbook will guide you through a hands-on, practical application of what you learned from Optimizing Talent: What Every Leader Needs to Know to Sustain the Ultimate Workforce. Not only will you learn to apply the Optimizing Talent Framework in your organization, you’ll find that we’ve expanded on the foundation of Optimizing Talent to include the incredibly valuable topics of talent branding and neuroscience, as well as case studies of companies that have used the framework to great success. The Optimizing Talent Workbook provides a step-by-step strategic implementation approach for developing and retaining the best talent whatever your business!

Preface. About the Authors. Acknowledgments. Chapter One: Getting Started – Linda D. Sharkey PhD. Chapter Two: Talent Branding – Sarah McArthur. Chapter Three: Leadership and Culture – Lynda Keating. Chapter Four: Strategic Alignment – Linda D. Sharkey PhD. Chapter Five: Talent Assessment – Dan Martin. Chapter Six: Performance Management – Phil Dixon. Chapter Seven: Learning and Development – Frank Wagner. Chapter Eight: Human Resources Capability – Liza Sichon. Chapter Nine: Data Analytics – Linda D. Sharkey PhD. Chapter Ten: Applying the Talent Optimization FrameworkTM Case Studies – Eve Emerson. Chapter Eleven: The Last Word Results and Conclusions. Contributing Experts. Appendix. References.

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