Partnerships for Student Success and Leadership Preparation and Development

Models and Strategies for Change

Edited by:
Ellen H. Reames, Auburn University
Frances K. Kochan, Auburn University
Dana Griggs, Southeastern Louisiana University

A volume in the series: Dimensions of Leadership and Institutional Success: Exploring Connections and Partnerships. Editor(s): Ellen H. Reames, Auburn University.


There is ample evidence that school/university partnerships can enhance school success and student learning and leadership development. However, there is not a comprehensive body of literature about such partnerships, nor are there extensive examples of conceptual frameworks for partnership development based upon research findings. The editors, Ellen H. Reames, Frances Kochan and Dana Griggs propose the development of a book on these topics entitled, Partnerships for Student Success and Leadership Preparation and Development: Models and Strategies for Change. The book will be a part of the book series: Dimensions of Leadership and Institutional Success: Exploring Connections and Partnerships, edited by Ellen H. Reames. The editors seek research-based manuscripts which address the issue of how to develop partnerships that foster student success or that are focused upon leadership preparation and development.

This will be an edited volume dealing with the development and implementation of successful partnerships between educational institutions which focus upon student success in K-12 schools and preparing and development school leaders. We anticipate having two sections in the book. One will focus on partnerships for student success in K-12 schools and the other will deal with partnerships for leadership development in universities. Each section will include 8-10 chapters. There will be a short introductory chapter for each section, written by the editors. Additionally, the editors will conclude each section with an analysis of the findings gleaned across the chapters including lessons learned, models for success and recommendations for implementation of successful partnerships.

Topics of interest:
The chapters should include information about factors that foster and hinder partnership success and lessons learned that would be of value to others wishing to engage in similar endeavors. Authors will also be asked to formulate questions for reflection that can be used to stimulate group discussion or provide avenues for reflection for the readers.

Abstracts of up to 300 words should contain:
- Title
- Author and affiliation,
- Purpose
- Rationale
- Methods
- Findings
- Conceptual framework (if this was part of the study)

Authors will be notified of acceptance within 2 weeks of submission. Abstracts should be submitted to, as soon as possible and no later than April 30, 2018.

Deadline Schedule:
Solicit Chapters and Select Authors: March 1-April 30, 2018

1st Draft Submission: September 1, 2018

2nd Draft Submission: December 1, 2018

Final book submitted to publisher: March 1, 2019

Send abstracts and inquiries to Fran Kochan:

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