Perspectives on Justice and Trust in Organizations

Edited by:
Linda L. Neider, University of Miami
Chester A. Schriesheim, University of Miami

A volume in the series: Research in Management. Editor(s): Timothy Ewest, Houston Baptist University.

Published 2012

We are living in an age of pervasive distrust, one so severe that journalists discuss the “trust deficit” almost as regularly as they do trade or economic shortfalls. Perceptions of injustice and lack of fairness have increased so much during the years after the economic crash of 2008 that few organizations, both public and private, have been left unaffected. In fact, numerous opinion polls illustrate deep distrust on the part of participants towards political leaders, government organizations, and certainly, business leaders across many industries. Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, the wealthy, the poor, executives, police officers, managers – the list goes on and on. Some months back, an NBC/WSJ survey showed an eye-popping 82% disapproval rating for the U.S. Congress, the lowest in the history of the poll! With this climate as a backdrop, Volume 9 of the Research in Management series brings together seven chapters written by leading scholars in the field of justice and trust who present new research, models and conceptualizations to provide insights for key issues in this field both from a scholarly perspective as well as pragmatic suggestions for practice.

Foreword: Research in Management: Perspectives on Justice and Trust in Organizations: Volume 9, Research in Management Series, Chester A. Schriesheim and Linda L. Neider. Putting Our Trust in Fairness: Justice and Regulatory Focus as Triggers of Trust and Cooperation, Russell E. Johnson, Klodiana Lanaj, James A. Tan, and Chu-Hsiang (Daisy) Chang. Task-Relevant Justice: Receiving the Resources to Get the Job Done, David L. Patient and Hayley German. Fairness in a Virtual World: The Implications of Communication Media on Employees’ Justice and Trust Perceptions, Zinta S. Byrne, Suzanne S. Masterson, and Brian M. Hurd. The Impact of a Victim’s Reaction to Unfair Treatment on Third Parties’ Emotion and Retribution: A Moral Perspective, Daniel Skarlicki, Graham Brown, and Brian Bemmels. Was I Unfair? Antecedents and Consequences of Managerial Perspective Taking in a Predicament of Injustice, Cecily D. Cooper and Terri A. Scandura. Beyond the Eye of the Beholder: Why Managers Act in Ways Likely to Be Perceived as Unfair, Jie Li, Suzanne S. Masterson, and Therese A. Sprinkle. Trust Therapy: The Effects of Impact and Intent Strategies on Trust Repair, Edward C. Tomlinson, Roy J. Lewicki, and Sheng Wang. Author Biographies.