Physics Teaching and Learning

Challenging the Paradigm

Edited by:
Dennis W. Sunal, University of Alabama
Jonathan Shemwell, University of Alabama
J. W. Harrell, University of Alabama

A volume in the series: Research in Science Education. Editor(s): Dennis W. Sunal, University of Alabama. Cynthia Szymanski Sunal, University of Alabama. Emmett L. Wright, Kansas State University.

Call for Chapters

We are seeking proposals for chapter manuscripts for a new volume in the Research in Science Education (RISE) book series. The RISE series provides a comprehensive view of current and emerging knowledge in specific professional fields of science education. The eighth volume will focus on issues of teaching and learning in physics in secondary schools, grades 7-12. RISE is a peer reviewed research series.

The RISE series goals were selected to promote dialogue within the research community on:

> Sharing research on teaching conducted in different science related disciplinary fields.
> Addressing the complexities and issues associated with conducting research in science teaching.
> Research methodologies for investigating science teaching and learning
> Interventions for increasing student learning through reforms in classroom context and curricula and emerging developments in learning technology.

The theme for Volume 8 is Physics Teaching and Learning: Challenging the Paradigm. Accordingly, we are looking for research contributions challenging the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and practices commonly accepted in physics education.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
> Professional development in teaching physics
> Student learning characteristics
> Effective teaching practices
> Interventions designed to enhance physics learning
> Improving and sustaining professional learning communities among teachers of physics.
> Classroom context, emerging curricular models and technological applications promoting physics learning.

To be eligible for the selection process, proposal abstracts must: 1) address the volume theme described above in a way that is relevant to the teaching and learning of physics, or the study thereof, 2) include a significant review of research addressing the main theme of the chapter, 3) define the chapter’s contribution relative to existing research, 4) support the contribution with a complete description of the author’s original research study, 5) provide linkages between theory and practice and/or research and practice, and 6) address issues of significance to teachers, students, policy makers, and/or other stakeholders.

Interested authors should email an abstract of not more than 4 pages for a proposed manuscript chapter to Dennis Sunal by July 1, 2017. The abstract must address all six elements listed immediately above. Include a listing of all authors and their affiliations. Do not prepare or send a full manuscript draft. After a review process, authors will be invited in August, 2017 to contribute full manuscript drafts, with a planned submission deadline of December 1, 2017. Full manuscripts will be subject to a blinded peer review process to evaluate them for inclusion in Volume 8.

Schedule for Proposal

Abstract Submission Deadline:
July 1, 2017

Notification of invite to submit chapter:
August 2017

Planned Submission Deadline:
December 1, 2017