Post-Secondary Planning for All

Approaches to College and Career Readiness Counseling for Special Populations

Edited by:
Sejal Parikh Foxx, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and Urban School Counseling Collaborative
J. Anthony Elizondo, The University of La Verne and Urban School Counseling Collaborative

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on Access, Equity, and Achievement. Editor(s): Chance W. Lewis, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Published 2023

It is not surprising that in order to meet the job demands of the future, we need to ensure that students have the knowledge and opportunity to choose from an array of postsecondary options before graduating from high school. Particularly as our society continues to increase in diversity, providing access to college and career choices for all students is imperative. However, there are many barriers that keep students from reaching their potential and envisioning a future that is personally and professionally rewarding. Many of these barriers are systemic in nature and others are related to individual circumstances. Regardless from where the barriers stem, school counselors and others who provide postsecondary readiness services to students must advocate, work to create equitable access, and assist with navigating through complex systems.

This book compiles information and strategies from experts in the field. Each chapter in this book offers definitions of specific populations, evidence-based culturally responsive counseling strategies including those related to collaboration, case studies and interventions, and opportunities for readers to reflect on their understanding of that population to inspire professional growth. Groups included in this book include students who are experiencing homelessness, students in English Language Learner programs, families experiencing poverty, students with special needs, and many others that school counselors and college advisors will encounter in their career.

Preface, Sejal Parikh Foxx and J. Anthony Elizondo. Acknowledgements. College and Career Readiness for Students Impacted by Homelessness, Housing Insecurity, and Students in Foster Care, Ami C. Waller. Career and College Counseling With Students With Learning and Cognitive Disabilities, Brittany N. Glover. Career and College Counseling With Sexual and Gender Minority Students, Bethani Cogburn and Rachel Saunders. Beyond Borders: Post-Secondary School Supports and Explorations With Newcomer Students, Brittany Prioleau, Maylee Vázquez, and Arna Erega. Families Experiencing Poverty, J. Anthony Elizondo and Sejal Parikh Foxx. Student-Athletes as a Specialty Population, Arna Erega. Navigating Family Expectations in Post-Secondary Planning, Rachel Saunders and Kimberly Farley-Smith. First-Generation Students as a Specialty Population, Maria Diaz and Lorenzo N. Hopper. Providing College and Career Counseling to Students in Rural Settings, Jennifer Perry. College and Career Counseling and Access for Students Who Are Undocumented, Maylee Vázquez, Brittany Prioleau, and Amy Biang. Promoting Student Engagement and College and Career Readiness Using a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Approach, Jacob Olsen. Creating an Equitable Environment to Support College and Career Readiness for All, Clare Merlin-Knoblich and Nia Robinson.