Principals Improving Instruction

Supervision, Evaluation, and Professional Development

Michael DiPaola, The College of William and Mary
Wayne K. Hoy, The Ohio State University

Published 2013

This work integrates the core instructional leadership tasks of all principals: supervision, evaluation, and professional development. The text demonstrates a hands-on approach grounded in sound theory and rigorous research. It provides both a conceptual frame and realistic exercises that today’s principals and supervisors can use to improve their practice. The book highlights observation tools that focus on high-yield instructional strategies. Principals and supervisors are encouraged to collect data in classrooms and provide this instructional feedback so together with teachers they can reflect and identify areas for growth. The models of supervision, evaluation, and professional development are research-based and are consistent with contemporary challenges that confront principals and others committed to improving instruction.

1 Instructional Leadership. 2 An Integrated Model of Instructional Leadership. 3 Creating a School Context to Improve Student Learning. 4 A Model for Classroom Supervision. 5 Supervision of Instruction. 6 Supervisory Skills. 7 Professional Development. 8 Evaluation. 9 Implementing Evaluation. 10 Improving Instruction. 11 Supervision and Professional Development: An Application. 12 Evaluation, Supervision, and Professional Development: Applications. References. Appendices: A Sample Evaluation Domains, Standards, and Performance Indicators. B Sample Summative Evaluation Form. C Sample Interim Review Form. D Guidelines for Observing Classroom Behavior. E ISLLC Standards. F Websites for Principals.