Principled Governance

When Everything Matters

David S. Fushtey

Published 2021

Principled Governance when Everything Matters is an essential handbook for Directors, Managers, Counsellors and Students, indeed for everyone challenged to answer the question: How do we get along?

The democratic world has taken half a millennium to shift its governing principle from the power of might to the rule of law. Through centuries of errors (and trials), we have created a framework of regulation, accountability, and oversight, which, though now widely practiced, is still poorly understood.

Principled Governance when Everything Matters is a guided tour of the field, led by an expert who spent three decades at boardroom and council tables, advising directors and managers in business and civil society. This accessible volume will be invaluable to all practioners providing context and analysis that will help them better understand their responsibilities and execute their duties.

Principled Governance is based on David S. Fushtey’s comprehensive academic text The Director and Manager: Law and Governance in a Digital Age – Machiavelli Had It Easy. That 1000-page volume has been reviewed and revised by a team of subject-area experts, who have drawn out the most useful, relevant – often crucial - lessons. The result is an engaging guide for students of business, civil society, and law, and for the continuing education of directors and the executives who advise them.

Endorsements for Principled Governance When Everything Matters:

"In this short but idea-filled work, Fushtey argues for a re-think of how we understand and do ‘governance.’ In our digital age, where “everything matters,” governance requires both broad inputs and a recognition of wide implications. We must respect complexity and embrace ambiguity. Good decisions depend upon a diversity of perspectives and hard-edged questioning. Fushtey demands humility and civility in decision-making, but in tough-minded ways. Above all, Fushtey urges, effective governance is about openness to learning. That openness demands attention to the qualities of process, of individual behaviour and of information. An immensely practical work, this book is also an ethical challenge and a work replete with human decency."
Stephen J. Toope,
University of Cambridge

"This succinct distillation of David Fushtey’s extensive academic work will benefit practitioners of governance at all levels. The twelve essential principles he sets out are sensible and actionable."
Suromitra Sanatani
Independent Director

"Principled Governance when Everything Matters is one of those rare business books that combines solid academic research with practical experience and relevant examples from the business and political world. Fushtey demonstrates a mastery of several disciplines, and an ability to distill it all down into practical advice that directors and others in similar roles can put to immediate use."
Karl Moore
McGill University

Acknowledgments. Foreword. The Reader’s Guide. Prologue: Since Machiavelli: Times Have Changed; People, Not So Much. Chapter 1: Governance in the Digital Age. Chapter 2: Governance Beyond Machiavelli. Chapter 3: Risk, Diligence, and Best Interests. Chapter 4: Consequences. Chapter 5: Summary. Biography of David S. Fushtey. Notes.

"this is a book that tackles, with the finesse evident here, the complex and perplexing world of board meetings. And, more to the point, it directs sharp intelligence, wide experience, and real depth of purpose to ensuring that no one, on any board, on any level, ever need feel “lost.”" Theo Dombrowski Lester Pearson College in The British Columbia Review (Read full review)