Promising Practices for Fathers' Involvement in Children's Education

Edited by:
Hsiu-Zu Ho, University of California, Santa Barbara
Diana Hiatt-Michael, Pepperdine University

A volume in the series: Family School Community Partnership Issues. Editor(s): Diana Hiatt-Michael, Pepperdine University. Holly Kreider, The Heising-Simons Foundation. Michael P. Evans, Miami University.

Published 2013

A timely collection of sound research addresses father involvement in their children’s education. Promising Practices for Fathers’ Involvement in Their Children’s Education visits a less known side of parent involvement, the side of fathers’ active engagement with their children’s education in the home and that is less visible in the schools. Their contributions from preschool to career decision-making and accessibility to their children’s education are covered in ten chapters, focusing on in-depth research from Canada to Argentina and Korea to Africa.

Foreward. Chapter 1: American Fathers, Children, and Their Educational Experience: Qualitative Reflections on Promoting Social Capital, William Marsiglio and Justin J. Hendricks. Chapter 2: Father Involvement in Canada, Rollande Deslandes. Chapter 3: Father Involvement in Students’ Education in Taiwan, Hsiu-Zu Ho, Kuang-Hui Yeh, Chih-Wen Wu, Connie N. Tran, and Wei-Wen Chen. Chapter 4: Latino Fathers and Their Involvement in Their Children’s Schooling, Robert P. Moreno and Susan S. Chuang. Chapter 5: Fathers’ and Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding Their Partnership in Compulsory Schools in Spain, Raquel-Amaya Martínez-González, Beatriz Rodríguez-Ruiz, Maria José Rodrigo-López. Chapter 6: A Cross-cultural Perspective on Father Involvement in Early Education: Turkey and the United States, Elif Karsli and Martha Allexsaht-Snider. Chapter 7: Father and Parent Involvement Across Africa: A Time of Transition, Diana B. Hiatt-Michael, Ugo Nwokeji, and Cheri Scripter. Chapter 8: Education and Fatherhood in Argentina, Ana Inés Heras. Chapter 9: Father Involvement in South Korea, Ann Y. Kim and Hsiu-Zu Ho. Chapter 10: Father-Child Relationships and Schooling Outcomes for Ethnic Minority Adolescents, Brett Kia-Keating, Maryam Kia-Keating, and Karen Nylund-Gibson.

"This book would be a great fit for a workshop or book club to help teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and other educators learn various ways that are in place to help promote father involvement and why fathers might respond (or not respond) to certain methods." Gilda Martinez-Alba Towson University in The School Community Journal (Read full review)