Proven Solutions for Improving Supply Chain Performance

Edited by:
C. Carl Pegels, University of Buffalo

A volume in the series: The Proven Solutions Series. Editor(s): C. Carl Pegels, University of Buffalo.

Published 2005

Proven Solutions for Improving Supply Chain Performance is a collection of about 175 descriptions of scientific management studies in the management of supply chains. Each one of the descriptions of the scientific studies is presented in readable and understandable form for individuals who probably have not had the statistical and scientific education and training to fully understand the underlying studies.

The book is significantly different from the popular management literature, which is generally based on “armchair” theories that have little basis on fact, and seldom have been scientifically verified. Although the book is targeted for the supply chain manager/administrator, it can also be used as a supplementary reader in such courses as Operations Management, Service Systems Management, Manufacturing Management, Purchasing Management, and, of course, in Supply Chain Management courses.

Preface. Highlights of Research Results. Supply Chain Management: Strategic Issues. Supply Chain Management: Operational Issues. Supply Chain Management: International Cases. Just-in-Time Management. Demand Forecasting. Inventory Management and Scheduling. Outsourcing and Purchasing. Buyer–Supplier Relations. Total Quality Management. Marketing and Sales Management. Manufacturing Management—Domestic. Manufacturing Management—International. Transportation and Logistics Management. Teamwork and Project Management. Human Resource Management. Organizational Issues in Supply Chain. Firm Performance and Supply Chains. Function-Triggered Performance.