Public Administration & Social Equity

Edited by:
Richard Greggory Johnson III, University of San Francisco

A volume in the series: Public Administration & Social Equity. Editor(s): Richard Greggory Johnson, University of San Francisco.

Call For Book Proposals

In the 21st century, the most pressing, wicked problems all involve issues of social equity. Whether global climate change, natural disasters, development and resource usage, political oppression, police killings, genocide, COVID-19, international matters and more, social inequities abound. If the world is to be more equitable throughout the 21st century and into the 22nd century, administrators in all sectors must be competent in how to promote fairness for all.

Still, classical training in public administration has often emphasized skills like planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting, and budgeting. Historically, teaching equity has not been a priority for many MPA and doctoral programs. Yet in order to better train/educate administrators/scholars in how to foster social equity, they must be exposed to the complex dynamics involved in diagnosing, understanding, and resolving inequities, and reading and debating case studies is often the best way to facilitate classroom education on social equity. Submissions may include, original manuscripts, edited volumes, contributed works, individual or dual authored monographs, handbooks, encyclopedias etc.

Book proposals should include the following elements:

I. An explanation of the overall objectives and significance of the book project in a detailed statement of purpose. In writing your statement of purpose, please respond to the following questions:

• Who is/are the author(s)/editor(s)?
• Who is your audience for this book? (e.g., academic, professional, practitioner, etc.)?
• How do you expect readers to make use of this book?
• How does the book extend current knowledge in your field of study?
• How does the project explore previously unrecognized or infrequently considered topics in the literature?
• How does this work fit within with the published literature and within the purpose of Public Administration & Social Equity?

II. An outline of the book that provides a list of the proposed chapter topics that will be covered.

III. A proposed timeline for the book (e.g. the call for chapters, review of chapters, edits, publication, etc.)

IV. A curriculum vitae for the author(s) or editor(s)

The deadline for book proposals is July 15, 2022.

Please send all proposals to the book series editor, Dr. Richard Greggory Johnson III, University of San Francisco;

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