Quarterly Review of Distance Education

Volume 23 #3

Edited by:
Michael Simonson, Nova Southeastern University
Anymir Orellana, Nova Southeastern University

A volume in the series: Quarterly Review of Distance Education - Journal. Editor(s): Michael Simonson, Nova Southeastern University. Anymir Orellana, Nova Southeastern University.

Published 2022

The Quarterly Review of Distance Education is a rigorously refereed journal publishing articles, research briefs, reviews, and editorials dealing with the theories, research, and practices of distance education. The Quarterly Review publishes articles that utilize various methodologies that permit generalizable results which help guide the practice of the field of distance education in the public and private sectors. The Quarterly Review publishes full- length manuscripts as well as research briefs, editorials, reviews of programs and scholarly works, and columns. The Quarterly Review defines distance education as institutionally- based formal education in which the learning group is separated and interactive technologies are used to unite the learning group.

ARTICLES: Teaching Presence in Online Higher Education Mathematics Courses, Deltrye Eagle Holt. Asynchronous and Synchronous Online Learning During a Pandemic, Anthony A. Piña. Application and Feasibility of Various Teaching Tools Used in Online Classes During COVID- 19 in Tertiary Education, Sumie Chan. Multilingual Communities Engaging in Distance Learning: What Lessons Can Be Learned? Keri-Anne Croce and Judith Cruzado-Guerrero. COVID-19: A Longitudinal Perspective on Sustained Remote Teaching From the Republic of Korea, William H. Stewart, Patrick R. Lowenthal, and Youngkyun Baek. Graduate Student’s Perceptions of Academic Coaches in Accelerated Online Courses, Rosalinda Hernandez and Alejandro Garcia. What We Wish We Knew Before Going Online—Lessons Learned From Implementing an Online MBA, Nicole B. Koppel, Ross Malaga, and Jonida Dervishi. Deepening Discussion in Online Learning, Amy Winger. BOOK REVIEW: Flexibility and Pedagogy in Higher Education: Delivering Flexibility in Learning Through Online Learning Communities, by Chris Dennis, Stuart Abbott, Ruth Matheson and Sue Tangney, Reviewed by Shelly Wyatt. COLUMN: Observations That Guide Practice—Based on Research: Creating Effective Student Online Feedback — It Must Engage and Motivate, Not Merely Sit, Errol Craig Sull. Conference Calendar, Vanaja Nethi. Author Biographical Data.