Queer Approaches

Emotion, Expression and Communication in the Classroom

Edited by:
Kristin LaFollette, University of Southern Indiana
Nicholas Santavicca, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Published 2020

This edited collection supports queer educators and students, underscores the reasons society does not see LGBTQ representation in classroom spaces, and offers “queered” pedagogical approaches for teaching students from diverse backgrounds. This collection places value on every educator and student through prioritizing inclusivity, and the chapters carefully articulate what (queer) inclusivity is, why it matters for all educators, students, and administrators, and what can happen when inclusive environments are not created and/or sustained.

When prompted to think about marginalized educators and students, most literature and research focuses on federal/state laws and instances of bullying. The chapters in this collection are farther reaching and provide (queered) solutions for these individuals’ needs and challenges. This volume addresses the ability of the LGBTQ community to see themselves represented in the curriculum of schools, discussed in the language of society, and valued in all discourse settings. In addition, this volume uses queerness as a lens through which to reimagine classroom spaces and institutions of higher learning.

Reorienting Education as Queer: An Introduction to Queer Approaches, Kristin LaFollette and Nicholas Santavicca. Burning Out at the Intersections: Reflections on Teaching Multicultural Competencies as a Queer and Genderqueer Puerto Rican Educator, María R. Scharrón-del Río. Pedagogical Femme Sensibilities: Teaching Gender and Sexuality Studies Through Queer Affect and Embodiment, Mel Michelle Lewis. “I’ve Seen You ... Even if You Are One”: Affective Literacies for Adolescents and LGBTQA Literatures in Language Arts, R. Joseph Rodríguez. Affective Literacy of Teachers and Students Living With HIV and AIDS: Re-Shaping the Language and Discourse of Teacher Education, Nicholas Santavicca and Maureen P. Hall. Slip It in the Back Door: Queering the Transparency Imperative in Higher Education, Allison L. Rowland and Jennifer Thomas. Classroom Queerness and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Kristin LaFollette. Queering Education: Killing-Joy and Nurturing-Hope in a College Classroom, Susan W. Woolley and Mark Stern. Contributor Biographies.