Queer People of Color in Higher Education

Edited by:
Joshua Moon Johnson, American River College
Gabriel Javier, University of Wisconsin‐Madison

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on LGBTQ Advocacy in Societies. Editor(s): Lemuel W. Watson, Kinsey Institute, Indiana University. Erin A. Mikulec, Illinois State University. Kyle O'Daniel, Mahomet-Seymour High School.

Published 2017

Queer People of Color in Higher Education (QPOC) is a comprehensive work discussing the lived experiences of queer people of color on college campuses. This book will create conversations and provide resources to best support students, faculty, and staff of color who are people of color and identify as LGBTQ. The edited volume covers emerging issues that are affecting higher education around the country. Leading researchers and practitioners have remarkable writing that concisely summarizes current literature while also adding new ways to address issues of injustice related to racism, sexism, homophobia, heterosexism, and transphobia.

QPOC in Higher Education insightfully combines research with practical implications on services, systems, campus climate and ways to hostility, violence, and unrest on campuses. This book rises out of places of turmoil and pain and brings attention to broken systems on higher education.

QPOC in Higher Education is a must‐read for anyone who wants to transform their society, campus, or community into places that fully value the complex and beautiful intersections that our diverse communities come from. This book takes diversity to a deeper level and speaks from a social justice philosophy of looking big pictures at our systems and cultures instead of simply at our oppressed groups as the problems.

Preface. 1. An Introduction and Overview to QPOC in Higher Education, Joshua Moon Johnson and Gabriel Javier. 2. Intersectionality in Practice: Moving a Social Justice Paradigm to Action in Higher Education, Christian D. Chan, Adrienne N. Erby, and David J. Ford. 3. Collectively Feeling: Honoring the Emotional Experiences of Queer and Transgender Student of Color Activists, Paulina Abustan. 4. Queer Faculty and Staff of Color: Experiences and Expectations, Danielle Aguilar and Joshua Moon Johnson. 5. Belonging to More Than One Identity: The Quest to Integrate and Merge Latinx and LGBTQIA Identities, Brittany J. Derieg, Mario A. Rodriguez, Jr., and Emily Prieto-Tseregounis. 6. (Re)framing Faith: Understanding and Supporting Queer Students of Color and Faith in Their Search for Meaning, Chris Woods. 7. International LGBTQ Students Across Borders and Within the University, Hoa N. Nguyen, Ashish Agrawal, and Erika L. Grafsky. 8. “Fun and Carefree Like My Polka Dot Bowtie”: Disidentifications of Trans*masculine Students of Color, T. J. Jourian. 9. Confronting Hate: Addressing Crimes and Incidents Targeting QPOC Communities, Ashley L. Smith and Joshua Moon Johnson. 10. Finding and Making Space: What QPOC Students Face in Rural Places, Vivie Nguyen. 11. Meeting at the Intersections: Using Queer Race Pedagogy to Advance Queer Men of Color in Higher Education, Jonathan P. Higgins. 12. Experiences of Queer Student Leaders of Color: Expanding Leadership Paradigms in Higher Education, Annemarie Vaccaro and Ryan A. Miller. About the Authors.


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