Read Aloud Handbook for Native American Children

Lauren Waukau-Villagomez, College of Menominee Nation
Samantha J. Villagomez, Menominee Tribal School, Neopit, Wisconsin

A volume in the series: Critical Constructions: Studies on Education and Society. Editor(s): Brad J. Porfilio, California State University, Stanislaus. Marc Pruyn, Monash University. Derek R. Ford, DePauw University.

Published 2019

This book is essential for teachers of reading and Native American Children to improve the reading scores of Native children. The book promotes the use of read alouds with Native American children in order to develop oral language, vocabulary and background knowledge. In addition, American Indian English and Standard English are discussed as issues for Native American Children. The importance of code-switching and bilingualism are examined so teacher have a better understanding of their students’ worldviews. This will lead to a respect for the children;s culture and subjugated knowledge.

The book includes an annotated bibliography of books to use as read alouds. Many books have been field tested at Menominee Tribal School on school children in grades K-8. The books include some classic award-winning books and Native American books. The books were chosen for their use of Standard English. The Menominee Reservation is a focus of the book.

Acknowledgments. CHAPTER 1: Overview. CHAPTER 2: The Oral Tradition and Native American Children. CHAPTER 3: Standard English and Menominee Indian English. CHAPTER 4: Vocabulary Development and Other Language Benefits. CHAPTER 5: Background Knowledge and Comprehension. CHAPTER 6: Read Alouds in the Middle School Special Education Classroom. CHAPTER 7: How to Do a Read Aloud. CHAPTER 8: Tried and True Books to Use as Read Alouds. CHAPTER 9: Recommendations. APPENDIX A: Aspen Institute Study on Native American Youth. APPENDIX B: Menominee Indian Reservation and County Information. APPENDIX C: American Indian Education in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination (WKCE) APPENDIX D: The Nation’s Report Card 2007. APPENDIX E: Wisconsin DPI Menominee Indian School District Report Card. References. About the Authors.