Reforming Teaching Globally

Maria Teresa Tatto

Published 2009

(Originally Published in 2007 by Symposium Books)

This book seeks to raise the discussion of globalisation's effects on teacher education, development and work, and its reforms and institutions, to a more theoretical and analytical level, and to provide specific examples in the comparative tradition to illustrate teacher policy in the context of education systems' widespread variability and complexity. The contributors critically analyse current arrangements in teacher education, development and work, and highlight the forces that enter in this contested terrain, the sources of conflict and convergence, and the implication of these for teaching and learning, and for indigenous forms of knowledge and knowledge construction in the globalisation era.

Maria Teresa Tatto. Introduction: International Comparisons and the Global Reform of Teaching. PART I: REFORMS EMPHASISING INCREASED CONTROL OVER TEACHERS' WORK AND PERFORMANCE. Lynn Paine & Yanping Fang. Dilemmas in Reforming China s Teaching: assuring 'quality' in professional development; Sigrid Blömeke. The Impact of Global Tendencies on the German Teacher Education System; Kiril Bankov. The Influence of the World Educational Changes on the Teacher Education System in Bulgaria; Allan Pitman. Ontario, Canada: the state asserts its voice or accountability supersedes responsibility; Dorothea Anagnostopoulos. The New Accountability and Teachers' Work in Urban High Schools in the USA. PART II: REFORMS EMPHASISING TEACHERS' PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND DISCRETION. Maria Teresa Tatto, Sylvia Schmelkes, Maria del Refugio Guevara & Medardo Tapia. Mexico's Educational Reform and the Reshaping of Teachers' Development and Work; Beatrice Avalos. Teachers and Accountability: the case of Chile; Anne M. Hooghart. Teacher Accountability and Curriculum Reform in Japan: an analysis of the 'Rainbow Plan'; Clementina Acedo. Teacher Education and Accountability Policies for Improving Teaching Quality in the Philippines; Martial Dembele & John Schwille. Accountability in the Context of Teacher Empowerment: the Guinean Experience.