Research in Management International Perspectives

Edited by:
Linda L. Neider, University of Miami
Chester A. Schriesheim, University of Miami

A volume in the series: Research in Management. Editor(s): Timothy Ewest, Houston Baptist University.

Published 2007

Overall, our objective for this volume is to stimulate additional conceptualizations and research in the very broad area of international management. Hopefully, the insightful chapters presented here will show not only the challenges involved in understanding such a complex domain, but additionally show that substantial progress is being made to untangle the various complexities. As in the past, there are a number of individuals we wish to thank. First, we thank Susan Stearns for her tremendous help in making sure that all of the pieces fit together so well as we organized this volume.

Foreword, Linda L. Neider and Chester A. Schriesheim. The Awakening Dragon: An Investigation of Firm Type and its Relationship to the Work Outcomes and Attitudes of Chinese Managers, Monica L. Forret, Howard S. Tu, and Sherry E. Sullivan. Organizational Culture and Employee Responses in Hong Kong Schools: Comparing Dimensional and Configuration Approaches, Anne S. Tsui, Lynda Jiwen Song, and Jing Yu Yang. Organizational Justice in Global Strategic Alliances, Yadong Luo. Research Rigor in Large-Scale Cross-Cultural Research Projects: A Team-Based Approach, Creation, Diffusion, and Transfer of Organizational Knowledge in Transnational and Global Organizations: Where Do We Go from Here? Rabi S. Bhagat, Paula Englis, and Ben L. Kedia. The Politics of Being Fair: Organizational Politics and Procedural Justice in the United States, Australia, and the Middle East, Terri A. Scandura and Ethlyn A. Williams. Knowledge Flows and International Expansion: Examining Local Market Knowledge Transfer Effects on Strategic Choice, Michael D. Lord, Annette L. Ranft, and Alexa A. Perryman. I Think We Can: Influence of Group Member Expectations on Group Processes and Performance, Chun Hui, Cynthia Lee, Catherine H. Tinsley, and Dongtao Yang. About the Contributors.