Research on Sociocultural Influences on Motivation and Learning - 1st Volume

Edited by:
Dennis M. McInerney, The Education University of Hong Kong
Shawn Van Etten, SUNY Cortland

A volume in the series: Research on Sociocultural Influences on Motivation and Learning. Editor(s): Gregory Arief D. Liem, The Education University of Hong Kong.

Published 2001

Introduction. Modern Education Needs Cross-Cultural Psychology, Harry Triandis. Part I. The Motivation Context. Beyond Dichotomous Characterizations of Student Learning: New Directions in Achievement Motivation Research, Janine Bempechat and Beth A. Boulay. A Comparison of Motivational and Critical Thinking Orientations Across Ethnic Groups, Tim Urdan and Carol Giancarlo. The Contexts of Individual Motivational Change, Judith MacCallum. Part II. The Learning Context. Social Representations of School Failure in Brazilian Public Schools: A Framework for Understanding and Change, Elizabeth Gama and Denise Meyrelles de Jesus. The Impact of Sociocultural Context on Future Goals and Self-Regulation, Stephanie Brickman and Raymond Miller. Uncovering Sociocultural Influences Leads to a Call for Personalized Learning, Glenn Fay. Part III. The Family Context. Perceived Parenting Success of Mothers in Japan, Robert Strom, Shirley Strom, and Paris Strom, Katsuko Makino and Yukiko Morishima. Fathers’ Role in the School Success of Adolescents: A Singapore Study, Ong Ai Choo and Esther Tan. Correlates of Achievement in the United Arab Emirates: A Sociocultural Study, Maher M. Abu-Hilal. Part IV. The Curriculum Context. Engaged Reading: A Multi-level Approach to Considering Sociocultural Factors with Diverse Learners, Robert Rueda, Laurie Macgillivray, Lilia Monzó, and Angela Arzubiaga. Adolescent Second Language Writers in China: A Sociocultural Analysis, Kerri-Lee Krause and Dan O’Brien. Achievement in Mathematics and Language Arts: A Comparative Study of Canadian and German Preservice Teachers’ Beliefs, Erika Kuendiger, David Kellenberger, and Siegbert Schmidt. Native American Influence on Curriculum and Instruction, Scott Sparks. Sociocultural Context and Service Learning Inside and Outside of the University Classroom, Valerie McKay. Play and Learning in School: A Motivational Approach, Ole Fredrik Lillemyr.