Rethinking Social Studies and History Education

Social Education through Alternative Texts

Cameron White, University of Houston

Published 2016

The book is unique in that it mixes theory and practical applications in rethinking traditional social studies education. It focuses on essays integrating media, popular culture, and alternative texts for teaching and learning in social studies and history education through a social education lens. Social education integrates social studies, media / popular culture, and cultural studies all within a social justice framework.

The text provides 20+ curriculum themes with strategies to connect in teaching and learning, along with resources to extend depth of understanding. In addition, the pedagogical philosophy inherent in the essays is student-centered learning focusing on issues, problem, and project-based instruction. Although the themes are generally social studies and history focused, the links to media and popular culture can be integrated in other disciplines.

CHAPTER I: Rethinking Social Studies. CHAPTER II: Pop Potential. CHAPTER III: Critical Media Literacy. CHAPTER IV: Digital Citizenship. CHAPTER V: This Time’s Different. CHAPTER VI: Engaging Kids. CHAPTER VII: Tech Pop. CHAPTER VIII: Digital Pop. CHAPTER IX: Global Pop. CHAPTER X: History through Film. CHAPTER XI: Local to Global. CHAPTER XII: Latin Americanizing the Curriculum. CHAPTER XIII: Media and War. CHAPTER XIV: Pop and 9-11. CHAPTER XV: Music and History. CHAPTER XVI: Public Art. CHAPTER XVII: Texas our Texas. CHAPTER XVIII: Texas Popular Culture. CHAPTER XIX: Filling the Holes. CHAPTER XX: Natural History. CHAPTER XXI: Bugs. CHAPTER XXII: Hoot. CHAPTER XXIII: Prairie Wind. CHAPTER XXIV: The Final Frontier. CHAPTER XXV: Across the Borderline. CHAPTER XXVI: Rethinking History. Conclusion.