School Leadership in a Diverse Society

Helping Schools Prepare all Students for Success (2nd Edition)

Carlos R. McCray, Montclair State University
Floyd D. Beachum, Lehigh University
Phyllis F. Reggio, Hunter College

A volume in the series: Educational Leadership for Social Justice. Editor(s): Jeffrey S. Brooks, Curtin University. Denise E. Armstrong, Brock University. Ira Bogotch, Florida Atlantic University. Sandra Harris, Lamar University. Whitney Sherman Newcomb, Virginia Commonwealth University. George Theoharis, Syracuse University.

Published 2021

With the increasing amount of diversity taking place in the United States and in our K-12 schools, this book will help school leaders become prepared. It is the school principal who sets the tone for the school culture and provides the vision as to the direction of the organization. Therefore, school principals will ultimately have a great impact in promoting cultural and social diversity. School Leadership in a Diverse Society: Helping Schools Prepare all Students for Success (2nd Edition) will help scholars and practitioners have a better understanding of the increasing amount of diversity that is occurring in American society. This book will give them the tools needed to lead schools to ensure that all students, regardless of their life circumstances and status, are provided a school experience that promotes high academic achievement and a sense of belonging.

Today, multiculturalism and diversity preparation are needed in our society, seemingly more so than when schools first made an earnest effort to integrate twenty years after Brown V. Board of Education. Just as it seemed the United States was making significant progress dealing with issues that have plagued this country for hundreds of years, recently, there has been a surge in diversity-related issues (the killing of unarmed African Americans, the unwarranted attacks on Asians, immigration debates, the recent rise of groups that support white supremacy, blackface incidents, increasing wealth divide between the ultra rich and the poor, religious backlash, etc.). These issues should remind us that the struggle for social equity continues into the present moment. Communities must work together to help fight rising intolerance and prejudice within our country and schools.

Foreword, Festus E. Obiakor. Preface: Meeting Responsibilities While Facing New Realities, Carlos R. McCray, Floyd D. Beachum, and Phyllis F. Reggio. PART I CHAPTER 1: Three, Two, One: Revisiting the Realities of Racism in K–12 Schools. CHAPTER 2: Creating a Positive School Culture. CHAPTER 3: Examining School Discipline Policies: An Issue of Fairness. CHAPTER 4: A Tale of Two Cities: The Relevance of Multicultural Education. CHAPTER 5: School Leadership and Inclusive Education. CHAPTER 6: Dealing with Cultural Issues in Schools: A Support Model for Urban Leaders. CHAPTER 7: The Delivery of Instruction to Diverse Learners: A Path Towards an Equity Pedagogy. PART II INTRODUCTION TO CASE STUDIES: Principal Fred Jones. CHAPTER 8: Taboo Dating in the 21st Century at Payton High School. CHAPTER 9: Language, Liberty, and Leading for Diversity at Payton High. CHAPTER 10: The Intersection of Aestheticism and Administrative Placement at Payton High. Afterword, Sean Warner. References. About the Authors.