School Reform Proposals

The Research Evidence

Edited by:
Alex Molnar, Arizona State University

A volume in the series: Research in Educational Productivity. Editor(s): Susan J. Paik, Claremont Graduate University.

Published 2002

Acknowledgments. Foreword. Introduction, Alex Molnar. Early Childhood Education. W. Steven Barnett. Class-Size Reduction in Grades K–3, Jeremy D. Finn. Small Schools, Craig Howley. Time for School: Its Duration and Allocation, Gene V Glass. Grouping Students for Instruction, Gene V Glass. Parental and Family Involvement in Education, Douglas B. Downey. Public Schools and their Communities, Catherine Lugg. Teacher Characteristics, Gene V Glass. Converging Findings on Classroom Instruction, Barak Rosenshine. Teacher Unions and Student Achievement, Robert M. Carini. Value-Added Assessment of Teachers: The Empirical Evidence, Haggai Kupermintz. Professional Development, Ulrich C. Reitzug. Charter Schools, Vouchers, and EMOs, Gerald W. Bracey. Contributors.