Schooling for Tomorrow's America

Edited by:
Marcella L. Kysilka, University of Central Florida
O. L. Davis, University of Texas - Austin

A volume in the series: Research in Curriculum and Instruction. Editor(s): Cheryl J. Craig, Texas A&M.

Published 2013

This book can be read by educators at all stages in their careers. What a great selection for a book study group of practicing teachers or for a seminar with graduate students. The authors share their thoughts about education for the future, but also inform us about the past. Whether you encounter this book as a textbook or for a professional learning community, the contents will inform and inspire you, encouraging you to think deeply and work towards the improvement of education.

Acknowledgements. Foreword. Prologue. Public Schooling in Hard Times: Adaptation and Invention Remain Possibilities, O. L. Davis, Jr. Educational Aims for the Twenty-First Century, Nel Noddings. Teacher Learning and Leadership: Community, Collaboration, and Challenge, Ann Lieberman. Educating Citizens for Tomorrow’s Diverse World, James A. Banks. Worrying About Diversity of a Different Kind, David C. Berliner. Teach Freedom! William Ayers. What Might Schools of the Future Be Like? Deborah Meier. Preparing Teachers for Tomorrow’s America, Marilyn Cochran-Smith and Christine Power. American Schools, Today and Tomorrow, Alan H. Schoenfeld. Educating the Whole Child: Intellect, Emotion, and Spirit, With Wisdom and Passion, Barbara Day and Elizabeth De Gaynor. Is Meeting the Diverse Needs of All Students Possible? Gloria Ladson-Billings. About the Contributors.