Service Learning Through a Multidisciplinary Lens

Edited by:
Shelley H. Billig, RMC Research Corp., Denver
Andrew Furco, University of California-Berkeley

A volume in the series: Advances in Service-Learning Research. Editor(s): Alan S. Tinkler, Missouri State University. Todd A. Price, National Louis University.

Published 2002

Introduction: Shelley H. Billig and Andrew Furco. Part I: Dimensions of Service-Learning Research. Stretching to Meet the Challenge: Improving the Quality of Research to Improve the Quality of Service-Learning, Janet Eyler. Establishing Norms for Scientific Inquiry in Service-Learning, Andrew Furco and Shelley H. Billig. Part II: Theoretical Perspective on Service-Learning. Probing and Promoting Teachers’ Thinking About Service-Learning: Toward a Theory of Teacher Development, Mary Sue Ammon. The Sacred and Profane: Theorising Knowledge Reproduction Processes in a Service-Learning Curriculum, Janice McMillan. Part III: Service-Learning and the Disciplines. An Interdisciplinary Study of Service-Learning Predictors and Outcomes Among College Students, Pamela Steinke, Peggy Fitch, Chris Johnson, and Fredric Waldstein. Service-Learning and Student Writing: An Investigation of Effects, Adrian J. Wurr. Impact of Service-Learning on Occupational Therapy Students’ Awareness and Sense of Responsibility Toward Community, Rhonda Waskiewicz. Part IV: The Impacts on Service-Learning Participants. Community Agency Perspectives in Higher Education Service-Learning and Volunteerism, Andrea Vernon and Lenoar Foster. Motivating Environmentally Responsible Behavior Through Service-Learning, Beth A. Covitt. Service-Learning and Academic Outcomes in an Undergraduate Child Development Course, Kari Knutson Miller, Shu-Chen Yen, and Nicole Merino. Part V: Future Directions in Service-Learning Research. Supporting a Strategic Service-Learning Research Plan, Shelley H. Billig and Andrew Furco. About the Authors.