Service-Learning for Diverse Communities

Critical Pedagogy and Mentoring English Learners (2nd Edition)

Kerry L. Purmensky, University of Central Florida

Published 2020

Service-Learning for Diverse Communities: Critical Pedagogy and Mentoring English Learners (2nd Edition) provides a foundation for understanding service-learning (SL) practices for those working with English Learners or pre-service teachers who have ELs in their classroom. Through three distinct parts, this text guides the reader through the core values of SL and provides specific examples and models of SL practices with ELs in the classroom and encourages leadership and advocacy in the school community. This book contributes to the understanding of SL models and how this educational approach to learning can enhance understanding of English Learners in the community.

In this new edition, there are many critical updates to research practices and application. The book updates all chapters related to pedagogical practices, TESOL Standards, Critical Pedagogy, and Assessment. In addition to updating the TESOL Standards, the WIDA Standards have been added and incorporated into current SL practices. Two additional chapters focus on infusing technology into service-learning, discussing Digital Badging in assessment and Virtual Tutoring models. English learner needs are expanded to include Dual Language as an important model for teaching. The last chapter presents a compelling argument for instructors who utilize service-learning in their classrooms to participate in a service-learning opportunity as a student to gain insight into the student service learning experience.

Preface. Acknowledgments. SECTION I: The Values in Service-Learning. SECTION II: Introduction to the ESOL Infusion Model and Dual Language. SECTION III: Service-Learning Meets the TESOL Standards. SECTION IV: Service-Learning for Pre-Service Teacher TESOL Training. SECTION V: Linguistic Concepts for the Pre-Service Teacher: Knowledge and Application with Aimee Schoonmaker. SECTION VI: Critical Pedagogy Within the Service-Learning Model. SECTION VII: Critical Reflection Within the Service-Learning Model. SECTION VIII: Critical Assessment Within the Service-Learning Model with Charlene Xiong. SECTION IX: Technology Ideas for Service-Learning Projects. SECTION X: Flipping the Experience: International Service-Learning for Instructors. About the Authors. Author’s Notes.