Social Media

Influences on Education

Edited by:
Marlynn M. Griffin, Georgia Southern University
Cordelia Zinskie, Georgia Southern University

A volume in the series: Current Perspectives on Cognition, Learning and Instruction. Editor(s): Daniel H. Robinson, University of Texas. Marlynn M. Griffin, Georgia Southern University.

Call for Chapters

Current Perspectives on Cognition, Learning and Instruction is a series that features edited books on topics pertaining to teaching and learning, broadly defined. We welcome book proposals and also responses to calls for chapters.

Editors are encouraging individuals who are interested to submit chapter proposals by October 15, 2019 for the following title:

Social Media: Influences on Education:
Social media is not only used for pedagogical and social purposes, but has also caused educators to lose jobs due to unprofessional postings and, among students, cyberbullying has become a problem. Thus, social media is a multi-faceted tool that can be used in ways both beneficial and detrimental, with many unexplored applications. We invite proposals for chapters on the many ways in which educators are investigating the effects of social media on education, broadly construed. We welcome original empirical or review projects; essays are not acceptable for the scope of this book.

Proposals should be typed and a maximum of 500 words, providing information on the chapter focus (including brief overview of method for empirical submissions).

Authors of accepted proposal will be asked to review one to three manuscripts for the book.

Proposal deadline is October 15, 2019 and proposals should be sent to Marlynn Griffin and Cordelia Zinskie, and

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10/15/19 - Proposal Submission Deadline
10/22/19 - Notification of Acceptance of Proposals
3/2/20 - Full Chapter Submission
3/22/20 - Send Manuscripts to Reviewers
5/1/20 - Reviewer Manuscripts due to Editors
6/12/20 - Review Result Returned to Authors
7/13/20 - Revised Chapter Submission
7/24/20 - Final Acceptance Notification
8/10/20 - Final Chapter Submission
Sept, 2020 - Final deadline

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