Sports and Understanding Organizations

Edited by:
Daniel J. Svyantek, Auburn University

A volume in the series: Research in Organizational Science. Editor(s): Daniel J. Svyantek, Auburn University.

Published 2017

This volume provides readers with a rich source of sports metaphors for understanding organization and management processes and how to use metaphors to become more effective leaders and managers within their organizations. Each chapter discusses how sports may be used to help improved organizational productivity and effectiveness.

These chapters each strive to present new ways of understanding organizational constructs using sports as a metaphor. It is this volume’s hope that these chapters may provide insight into the important role sports plays in understanding organizations across the world. Organizational science profits from taking new perspectives that may be found when sports is used as a lens for this study.

Sports and Understanding Organizations: Using an Old Metaphor in New Ways to Understand Organizations, Daniel J. Svyantek. Evolutionary Echoes in Sports (and War), Lewis Barker. Steeped in History: Symbols, Traditions, and Stories in Sports and Organizations, Jacob H. Smith, Erik C. Taylor, and Jeremy M. Beus. Sports Metaphors in the Workplace, Jacob Miller and Vicki Wang. Applying Sports Related Mental Toughness in Organizations, Alexandra A. Henderson, Brendan C. Lortie, and Steve M. Jex. The Intimation of Resilience Through Sports Metaphors, Stephen W. Tyler and James J. Wilcox. On Athlete Centered Coaching: Empowering the Athlete, Dustin Greene. Training for a Winning Career: Career Athletes and Coaches, Julia Brandon. Extending the Sports Coaching Metaphor: Coaches and Teammates as Creators of the Feedback Environment. Caitlin M. Cavanaugh and Paul E. Levy. Rectitude in Rivalry: A Conceptual Review and Synthesis of Sportsmanship and Citizenship, Erik C. Taylor, Jacob H. Smith, and Jeremy M. Beus. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sports, Meghan A. Thornton‐Lugo, Colin Wooldridge and Deborah E. Rupp. Organizational Insights From Performance Management Intervention Applied to Sports, Colin Roth, Brandon L. Young, Nick Koenig, Daniel Schmerling, and Robert D. Pritchard. Academic Clustering among College Athletes: Using Person Analysis to Inform Education and Training Practices, Daniel J. Svyantek, Brian Connelly, Sadie O’Neill, Mary Boudreaux, Barb Struempler, and Larry Teeter. About the Contributors.