Strategic Alliances in a Globalizing World

Edited by:
T. K. Das, City University of New York

A volume in the series: Research in Strategic Alliances. Editor(s): T. K. Das, City University of New York.

Published 2011

Strategic Alliances in a Globalizing World contains contributions by leading scholars in the field of strategic alliance research. The 11 chapters in this volume cover a number of significant topics that speak to the growing role of strategic alliances in a globalizing business world. The chapter topics cover both the broader issues, such as the creation of competitive advantage and expanding into institutionally different countries, and the more focused problems of alliance formation, contractual governance, governance structure choice, the development of alliance capability, the containment of opportunism, relationship management, sensemaking, and the intersection of culture and legitimacy. The chapters include empirical as well as conceptual treatments of the selected topics, and collectively present a wide-ranging review of the noteworthy areas of alliance research in the globalization context.

Foreword to the Series, Michael A. Hitt. About the Series. 1 Expanding to Institutionally Different Countries: Reasons, Firm International Experience and Entry Mode Choice, Xavier Castañer and Mehmet E. Genç. 2 Smarter Mover Advantage: A Longitudinal Analysis of International Joint Ventures in China's Auto Market, Tom (Qingjiu) Tao, John E. Prescott, and Sean Tsuhsiang Hsu. 3 A Shift in the Wind?: Strategic Alliances versus Wholly Owned Units in Global Industries, Ravi Madhavan. 4 Contractual Alliance Governance: Impact of Different Contract Functions on Alliance Performance, Dries Faems, Rutger Alberink, Gjalt de Jong, Aard Groen, and Rosalinde Klein Woolthuis 5 Governance Structure Choice in Strategic Alliances: The Roles of Alliance Objectives, Alliance Management Experience, and International Partners, Bing-Sheng Teng and T. K. Das. 6 Turning Experience into Alliance Capability: Alliance Evaluation in Rolls-Royce, Ard-Pieter de Man, Mike Nevin, and Nadine Roijakkers. 7 The Formation of International Strategic Alliances by Born Global Firms:A Theory-Grounded Review, Robert Gannon and Noushi Rahman. 8 The Containment of Opportunism in the Post Formation Period of Inter-Organizational Relationships, Kerstin Neumann and Reinhard Bachmann. 9 Relationship Management in International Strategic Alliances and Networks, Poul Houman Andersen. 10 Sensemaking in Cross-National Alliances, T. K. Das and Rajesh Kumar. 11 National Culture and Legitimacy in International Alliances, Rajesh Kumar and T. K. Das About the Contributors. Index.