Stress and Quality of Working Life

Current Perspectives in Occupational Health

Ana Maria Rossi, International Stress Management Association
Pamela L. Perrewé, Florida State University
Steven L. Sauter, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

A volume in the series: Stress and Quality of Working Life. Editor(s): Ana Maria Rossi, International Stress Management Association. Charn P. McAllister, Northern Arizona University. Jeremy D. Mackey, Auburn University.

Published 2006

This book was developed for the 2005 International Stress Management Association Conference in Brazil. The original book was recently published in Portuguese, but because of the popularity of the topics and the world-renowned stress scholars who contributed chapters, we are very pleased to have the opportunity to publish this work in English. A book on the subject is intended to be an additional tool containing information on stress and ways of dealing with pressures and demands, because we know that the level of stress will continue to increase. We believe that only through information—and here you will be able to find the experience and opinion of some of the greatest and best professionals of the world in this field—people will manage to live better and more balanced lives. This is what ISMA-BR wishes and hopes for. Have a good reading. This volume provides a series of comprehensive summaries of what is now a fast-growing literature aimed at understanding the causes, effects, and prevention of stress in the workplace. It begins with three chapters on different sources of stress at work, ranging from organizational factors to attributes of workers themselves.