Success Stories From a Failing School

Teachers Living Under the Shadow of NCLB

Marilyn Johnston-Parsons, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Melissa Wilson, The Ohio State University
Jeff Bernardi
Martha Bowling
Marilyn Karl
Elizabeth Lloyd
Melanie McCualsky
Gerrie McManamon
Andrew Nash
Robert Owens
Steve Schack

Published 2007

This book tells stories of life in a “failing” school. These are insider stories of the daily lives of children and educators in an urban school during a time when accountability weighs heavy on both teachers and students. Most educators are in favor of accountability. The kind and amount of testing associated with the current accountability movement, however, influence teachers’ and students’ lives in a way not often apparent to parents and politicians.

Acknowledgments. About This Book, Marilyn Johnston-Parsons. The Social Foundations of Education Guild, Melanie McCaulsky. From the Desk of the Professional Development Facilitator and a First-Second Grade Teacher, Melissa Wilson. From the Desk of the Special Education Teacher, Marilyn Karl. From the Desk of the Kindergarten Teacher, Melanie McCualsky. From the Desk of a First-Year Kindergarten Teacher, Jeff Bernardi. Living in the Land of a Scripted Reading Program, Marilyn Johnston-Parsons, Melissa Wilson, GerrieMcManamon, Marilyn Karl, Melanie McCualsky, Steve Schack, Barbara Mounts, Christie Doty and Vickie Swank. From the Desk of the First-Grade Teacher, Elizabeth Lloyd. From the Desk of the Third-Grade Teacher, Gerrie McManamon. From the Desk of First Year Third-Grade Teacher, Andrew Nash. From the Desk of a Fourth-Grade Teacher, Steve Schack. From the Desk of the School Counselor, Martha Bowling. Epilogue, Marilyn Karl. Glosssary. Author Bios.