Supplemental Readings for Educators

Edited by:
Tom Scheft, North Carolina Central University

Published 2012

(This is a condensed version of Inspiring Student Writers: Strategies and Examples for Teachers.)

Being an educator is a wonderfully fulfilling career, but it’s not for everyone. It is also, at times, a frustrating, stressful, aggravating, depressing occupation. Far too many people think working in a school is a pretty easy job—a job anybody can do, basically babysitting with plenty of vacation time thrown in.

Of course the “truth” about education is elusive, and the truth about what it means to be a great educator is equally elusive. These essays, which are written by educators, offer insights into the profession and what it takes to make a positive difference in the lives of others. These chapters are offered as catalysts for reflection and discussion.

Teacher as Secret Agent, Muri Pugh. Gratitude, Generosity, and Community, Jennifer Lombard. Confronting the Fear Within, Laura Will. Teacher as Scientist, Teacher as Artist, Amanda Albert. Reflections on Langston Hughes’ “Mother to Son”, Casey Collins, Carron Carter, and Melissa Davis. In the Blood, Joshua Knight. The Black Teacher, Marshella Reid. Dealing With Life, Sloane Akos. A Renewed Sense of Life, Jayne Dorfman. The Power of Imagination, Taheera Blount. Flying Lessons, Amanda Riley Smith. The Power of Unconditional Love, Elwood Robinson. Testing the Sleeping Giant, Pamela George. Dealing With Dialect Differences: Honest Concerns and Practical Approaches, Tom Scheft.