Sustainability, Growth, and Globalization

A Social Science Perspective

Edited by:
James E. Davis, Executive Director of the Social Science Education Consortium
Richard A. Diem, University of Texas - San Antonio

A volume in the series: International Social Studies Forum: The Series. Editor(s): Cathy A. R. Brant, Rowan University.

Published 2013

Over the past decade the notion of sustainability has emerged as a precept that has been applied to government, commerce, the environment and technology. This volume will discuss how sustainability is reflected in economics, political science and geography through the lens of socio-economic change and globalization through theoretical and real world perspectives.

Using the Costa Rican Cloud Forest community of Monteverde readers will be able to understand how the notion of sustainability has been applied in a community context whose experiences have global implications.

1. Sustainability, Growth and Globalization – Perspectives, Speculation, and Reality - Richard Diem. 2. Economics and Sustainability: A Primer – James E. Davis. 3. Sustainability in the Arenas of Power: An Exploration of Public Policy – Charles S. White. 4. Geography, Sustainability and the Future – Joseph Stoltman. 5. Exploring Pathways toward Global Sustainability through Information and Communications Technologies for Young Learners in Developing Nations; Marvels and Misapplications – Ilene R. Berson and Michael J. Berson. 6. Sustainability- A National Case Example: Costa Rica – Fran Lindau 7. Sustainability- A Local Example: Monteverde, Costa Rica – Guillermo Vargas 8. Sustainability, Monteverde and the Social Sciences-Synthesis, Reflections and Suggestions – Murry Nelson. Author/Editor Bios.