Teacher Education for the 21st Century

Creativity, Aesthetics and Ethics in Preparing Teachers for Our Future

Edited by:
Donald S. Blumenfeld‐Jones

Published 2016

This book is for anyone interested in how to build a teacher education program utilizing the arts as one central modality for teaching and learning or for those interested in building some of their program along these lines. Throughout the book you will find reference to the intersection of ethics, aesthetics, and teaching. We provide an integrated program devoted to good learning and the good society.

In the book we discuss how the program came to be and the underlying educational thinking that informs the whole program. This section of the book is invaluable for understanding how the reader can build her/his own arts approach to teacher education. The central section of the book is devoted to the specific coursework of the program. Each author describes in detail how she/he leverages aesthetics and art to expand the possibilities of learning and teaching (including a chapter focused on the core competency course, Teaching, Imagination, Creativity) in language and literacy, psychology of education, science education, mathematics education, social studies education, and classroom management including many examples from our teaching. The book ends with a focus group discussion about the program by former students.

Introduction, Donald S. Blumenfeld‐Jones. SECTION I: INTRODUCING THE PROGRAM. Introduction, Origin of the ARTs program, and Overview of the Book. Aesthetics in Academics and Classrooms: How Perception Works and Can be Taught. SECTION II: THE ELEMENTS OF THE PROGRAM. Teaching, Imagination, Creativity: The Core ARTs Course. English Language Arts Curriculum, Wide‐Awakeness: The Aesthetic Purposes of Multimodal learning, Literary Theory and Writerly Texts, David Lee Carlson & Josh Cruz. Aestheticizing a Course on Educational Psychology. Aestheticizing Social Studies, James Garrett and Donald Blumenfeld‐Jones. Mathematics as a Subject of Great Appreciation and Aesthetics, Peter Appelbaum. Understanding the Nature of Science through Aesthetic Exploration in Science Teacher Education, David Blades. Classroom Management and Creating an Ethical Community, Donald Blumenfeld‐Jones. SECTION III: A ROUNDTABLE OF GRADUATES OF THE PROGRAM (CONVENED, FACILITATED AND WRITTEN UP BY DR. BLUMENFELD‐JONES). Roundtable.