Teacher Induction Policy in Global Contexts

Intentions, Implementations, and Influences

Edited by:
Jian Wang, Texas Tech University

A volume in the series: Teacher Induction Research, Policy, and Practice: A Global Perspective. Editor(s): Jian Wang, Texas Tech University.

Call for Chapters

Teacher Induction Policy in Global Contexts: Intentions, Implementations, and Influences is the first book in the series, Teacher Induction Research, Policy, and Practice Series to be published by Information Age Publishing. The book is devoted to analyzing a specific teacher induction policy in various countries with a focus on its intentions, contexts, assumptions, implementation, challenges, consequences, and raising crucial research questions emerging from their analysis.

The book is proposed based on the assumption that teacher induction is becoming an increasingly important focus of education policy. Such a policy is developed to help beginning teachers acquire professional teaching practices and stay in the teaching workforce worldwide as a way to meet the needs of the global economy and social transformation for teaching quality and student learning in many countries. Policy borrowing is a common practice in teacher induction across different countries that allow policymakers in particular countries to access different options and choices in their policy development instead of trial and error. However, it is often done without a careful policy analysis as its base. In particular, what is absent is the analysis that focuses on the problems the borrowed policy intends to solve, social, political, and educational contexts in which it develops, explicit and implicit conceptual assumptions underlying it, its implementation and associated challenges, and its intended and unintended impacts. Without such an analysis as its base, the implementations of policy borrowed from other countries can cause unnecessary financial, human resource, and emotional costs in its context, even if it proves to be successful in the other place.

The book editor is calling for chapters by scholars or policy analysts from different countries that will analyze a specific teacher induction policy. In each, the analysis will focus on the following aspects of a teacher induction policy in a country:

• Problems that this policy is aiming to resolve
• Social, political, and educational contexts of its development
• Explicit and implicit assumptions underlying the policy
• One specific example of its implementation in the school context
• Intended and unintended impacts of such a policy
• Challenges such a policy faces in its development and implementation
• Important questions worth further examination relevant to the policy

If you are interested in contributing a chapter to the book, please send a 500-word chapter description about how you will cover the above focuses in your chapter and a 150-word self-description including 1) your expertise and research interests, 2) affiliation, and 3) contact information to the email:, by September 1, 2020. You will be informed of the decision about whether your proposed chapter will be included in the book by September 30, 2020.

Timeline for Publication:
09/15/2020: Deadline for contact and identify potential authors
09/30/2020: Deadline for receiving chapter authors’ information
10/15/2020: Deadline for authors to submit their 500-word description of their chapter
10/30/2020: Deadline for giving feedbacks to 500 word description
12/01/2020: Deadline for authors to submit their 2000-word chapter description
12/30/2021: Deadline for giving feedbacks to 2000-word chapter description
03/30/2021: Deadline for authors to submit their final chapter
04/30/2021: Deadline for giving feedbacks to their final chapters
05/30/2021: Deadline for authors to submit their revised chapter
07/30/2021: Deadline for completing book editing, introduction and critique chapter
12/31/2021: Approximate Book publication

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Teacher Induction Policy in Global Contexts: Intentions, Implementations, and Influences
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