Teachers Engaged in Research

Inquiry into Mathematics Classrooms, Grades 3-5

Edited by:
Cynthia W. Langrall, Illinois State University

A volume in the series: Teachers Engaged in Research. Editor(s): Denise S. Mewborn, University of Georgia.

Published 2006

Through the chapters in this volume we learn about the questions that capture the attention of teachers, the methodologies they use to gather data, and the ways in which they make sense of what they find. Some of the research findings could be considered preliminary, others confirmatory, and some may be groundbreaking. In all cases, they provide fodder for further thinking and discussion about critical aspects of mathematics education.

Introduction to the Series, Marilyn Cochran-Smith. Introduction to the 3–5 Volume, Cynthia W. Langrall. The Impact of Classroom Research on Student and Teacher Learning: Division of Fractions, Barbara Adams and Janet Sharp. Reasoning and Sense-making: What Can We Expect in Grades Three Through Five? Tammy Covi, Nadene Ratcliff, Cheryl A. Lubinski, and Janet Warfield. Arithmetic to Algebra: A Teacher’s Journey, June Soares. Exploring Multiplicative Reasoning, Judy Atcheson. Writing Mathematical Writing, Eileen Phillips. Applying Research in the Classroom: Investigating Problem-Solving Instruction, Christina Nugent. Teacher as Researcher––Researcher as Learner, Jennifer Segebart. The Importance of Student Sharing Sessions: Analyzing and Comparing Subtraction Strategies, Meghan B. Steinmeyer. Examining Teacher Questioning Through a Probability Unit, Keri Valentine and Dorothy Y. White. Gwen's Story: Researching Teaching With Others in a Lesson Study Transforms a Beginning Teacher's Understanding, Ann R. Taylor, Laurel D. Puchner, Gwen Scheibel. What's a Literature Person Like You Doing, Teaching and Researching in Elementary Level Mathematics? Vicki Zack