Teachers Engaged in Research

Inquiry into Mathematics Classrooms, Grades Pre K-2

Edited by:
Stephanie Z. Smith, Georgia State University
Marvin E. Smith, Georgia Southern University

A volume in the series: Teachers Engaged in Research. Editor(s): Denise S. Mewborn, University of Georgia.

Published 2006

This volume was written primarily for teachers who have developed (or who are being encouraged to develop) an awareness of and commitment to teaching mathematics for understanding. The research findings presented in these chapters suggest instructional implications worthy of these teachers’ consideration. Often, the authors in this volume describe instructional practices or raise issues that have the potential to broaden views of teaching and learning mathematics. These chapters provide interesting problems and tasks used in the authors’ work that readers can use in their own classrooms.

Introduction to the Series, Marilyn Cochran-Smith. Introduction to the Pre-K–2 Volume, Stephanie Z. Smith and Marvin E. Smith. Using Your Own Teaching as a Site for Research into Practice, Mary Kay Archer, Theresa J. Grant, and Kate Kline. Mathematical Argument in a Second Grade Class: Generating and Justifying Generalized Statements about Odd and Even Numbers, Annie Keith. Teacher as Researcher: Research as a Partnership, Karen Schweitzer. A Look at a Child’s Understanding of Mathematical Ideas through His Representations, Ana Vaisenstein. Using Children’s Understandings of Linear Measurement to Inform Instruction, Linda Jaslow and Tanya Vik. Classroom Research Informs Measure Up: A Different Look at Elementary Mathematics, Claire Okazaki, Fay Zenigami, and Barbara Dougherty. You Changed My Mind about Triangles! Laurie Renfro. Using Classroom Assessment to Support Growth of Number Sense in First Grade, Laurie Hands. Uncovering Children’s Thinking about Pattern: Teacher-Researchers Improving Classroom Practice, Regina Wicks and Rita Janes.