The 21st Century Parent

Multicultural Parent Engagement Leadership Strategies Handbook

Mary Johnson, Pepperdine University

Published 2012

The 21st Century Parent emphatically remind us that the missing ingredient in closing the gaps in achievement is heaping measure of parent engagement and community. This is one-of-a kind book, even the most savvy expert will find novel advice and useful tools, sample school practices, and strategies. The book is outstanding resources recognizing and building upon asset that Parents and communities bring in creating partnership for children’s school success.

Packed with tips for parents, principals and teachers, resource tools, and an invaluable guide for engaging parents, The 21st Century Parent reveals how to build strong collaborative relationships and offers practical advice for improving interactions between parents and teachers, from insuring that parents are constructive and inclusive to navigating the complex issues surrounding diversity in the classroom and how parents can be transformative change agents for their children and their schools.

Written with candor, clarity, and humor, 21st Century Parent is essential reading for teachers, parents on the front lines in public schools, and administrators and policy makers at all levels.

1 The Importance of Parent Engagement. 2 Step 1: Parents’ Access to School Information and Data. Collection: Gathering Data on Year-Round Schools versus Traditional School Calendar. 3 Step 2: Parents in Decision-Making Roles: Parents Take on New Roles. 4 Step 3: Parents as Student Advocates: Parent as Advocates and Experts. 5 Step 4: Parent Leaders at Home and in the School-Community: Parents as Parent Educators. 6 Step 5: Effective Two-Way Communication: Best Practices for School Districts. 7 Step 6: District-Level Support. 8 Step 7: Friendly Schools Atmosphere. 9 What Should Be Done Next? 10 Summary of Parent Groups’ Success in the Seven-Steps Principle. Conclusion. Discussion Questions. Parent-U-Turn Publications and Media Coverage. About Parent-U-Turn. Author.