The ABCs of Structured Discovery Cane Travel for Children

Merry-Noel Chamberlain

A volume in the series: Critical Concerns in Blindness. Editor(s): Edward C. Bell, Louisiana Tech University.

Published 2021

Structured Discovery Cane Travel (SDCT) is an Orientation and Mobility (O&M) curriculum which focuses on the foundational techniques necessary to develop future independence for students who are blind or visually impaired. The ABCs of Structured Discovery Cane Travel for Children addresses essential non-visual concept development, techniques and mobility skills needed to travel efficiently, gracefully and safely within a myriad of natural environments while using the long, white cane with a metal tip as the primary mobility tool. This curriculum utilizes transformational knowledge and problem-solving opportunities through teachable moments to develop personal reflection and mental mapping which can be utilized post instruction. These students maximize their cognitive intrinsic feedback while completing everyday mobility tasks. Parents and instructors of children who are blind or visually impaired will comprehend the essentials of SDCT by reading The ABCs of Structured Discovery Cane Travel for Children; in addition, they will receive a treasure trove of O&M skill-building activities.

Prefix. PART I CHAPTER 1: Introduction. CHAPTER 2: What is Orientation and Mobility? CHAPTER 3: National Orientation and Mobility Certification (NOMC) CHAPTER 4: Fundamentals of SDCT. CHAPTER 5: Problem-Solving Skills in O&M. CHAPTER 6: The Cane, The Tool. CHAPTER 7: O&M for Babies and Toddlers. CHAPTER 8: O&M for Older Students. CHAPTER 9: Orientation and Mobility Transformational Skills. CHAPTER 10: Teaching Orientation & Mobility to Students with Visual Impairments and Additional Disabilities. CHAPTER 11: Guide Technique. CHAPTER 12: Custodial and Independence Paradigms. CHAPTER 13: Paraprofessionals. PART II CHAPTER 14: Merry-Noel’s Treasure Trove of O&M Activities. PART III CHAPTER 15: The True Story of Owin M, illustrated by Ashley Roth PART IV CHAPTER 16: Flowers’ Blooming. Definition of Terms. References. Appendix. About the Author. Index.