The After-Deal

What Happens After You Close A Deal?

Eliane Karsaklian, University of Illinois at Chicago

Published 2019

This book explains why the negotiation process is not finished when a deal is signed and elaborates on how to get better deals when focusing on sustainable collaboration rather than on the deal itself.

This book is a pioneer in showing the extent of the negotiation process. It makes the case that whenever negotiators assume that the negotiation is finished when a deal is signed they dive into a pitfall. What follows the signature of a deal is the enforcement of the contract which is when all surprises and difficulties unfold. By assuming that the negotiation was over, companies are taken by surprise by all the features of the after-deal and often improvise their solutions because there is urgency what leads to higher levels of stress and risks.

This book shows how to shift from stressful, hazardous and confrontational situations to enjoyable, comfortable and future oriented negotiation strategies.

INTRODUCTION: CHAPTER 1: You Can Protect Yourself From Change or Be an Inspiring Trend Setter. CHAPTER 2: If You Can’t Measure It, It’s Not Real. CHAPTER 3: Winning and Losing Are Just Emotions. CHAPTER 4: Sustainable Negotiation Is a Mindset, a Lifestyle. CHAPTER 5: Anchor: Stability or Chain? CHAPTER 6: Have It Done or Enjoy the Process. CHAPTER 7: What You Cannot See Can Hit You. CHAPTER 8: A Vision of Future. CHAPTER 9: When the World Was Flat. CHAPTER10: It Is Nice to Be Important, But It Is More Important to Be Nice. CHAPTER 11: God Doesn’t Play Dice. CHAPTER 12: Getting Used Is Handy but Tricky Because It Prevents People From Thinking Differently. CHAPTER13: If It’s Built Right It Lasts. CONCLUSION: To Infinity and Beyond! References. About the Author.