The Case of the No Child Left Behind Legislation

Educational Research and Federal Funding

Edited by:
Jerry Carlson, University of California - Riverside
Joel R. Levin, University of Arizona

A volume in the series: Psychological Perspectives on Contemporary Educational Issues. Editor(s): Jonathan Plucker, Johns Hopkins University.

Published 2006

Focal Article: The No Child Left Behind Act and Scientific Research: A View from Washington, D.C., Valerie F. Reyna. Commentaries: A Matter of Proof: Why Achievement … Learning, Patricia A. Alexander and Michelle M. Riconscente. Federal Intrusion in Research and Teaching and the Medical Model Myth, Richard L. Allington. Educational Research and NCLB: A View from the Past, Robert C. Calfee. The Education Acts: Political Practice Meets Practical Problems, Scientific Processes, Process Control, and Parkinson’s Law, Earl Hunt. Why Converging Scientific vidence Must Guide Educational Policies and Practices, G. Reid Lyon. Response to Valerie F. Reyna’s The No Child Left Behind Act and Scientific Research: A View from Washington, D. C., Douglas E. Mitchell. The No Child Left Behind Act: What if it Worked?, Angela M. O’Donnell. Educational Science: More Than Research Design, Gary D. Phye. What Role Should the Government Play in a Science of Education?, Michael Pressley. Scientific Research is Programmatic, Daniel H. Robinson. Prudent Inquiry: Conceptual Complexity Versus Practical Simplicity in Knowing What Works, William R. Shadish. Final Words, Valerie F. Reyna.