The Dialogical Challenge of Leadership Development

Edited by:
Rob Koonce, Creighton University and Can We Communicate
Rens van Loon, Tilburg University and & Dialogue

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives on Leadership Development. Editor(s): Scott Allen, John Carroll University. David M. Rosch, University of Illinois.

Published 2019

In the Foreword to The Dialogical Challenge of Leadership Development, eminent scholar Ken Gergen shrewdly points to dialogue as an optimal tool for organizational communication in the 21st Century. Gergen’s comment serves as a quintessential backdrop of the book you are about to read. Dialogical practice is no longer a distant option for organizational leaders to passively consider. Instead, it has become an indispensable tool for leaders who understand the critical significance of relational influence and sustainability for navigating today’s increasingly complex and wicked organizational and societal challenges. Thanks to the wide-ranging talent and varied perspectives of leading scholars and seasoned practitioners from around the globe who graciously contributed to this volume, The Dialogical Challenge of Leadership Development offers compelling evidence that - whether they arise from Brazilian favelas or the world’s largest corporate boardrooms - the challenges which leaders face on a daily basis can be effectively addressed through dialogical practice.

Foreword, Kenneth J. Gergen. Preface, Rob Koonce and Rens van Loon, Editors. The Dialogical Challenge of Leadership Development: An Introduction and Overview, Rens van Loon and Rob Koonce. Discursive Paths in Leadership Development: Dyadic and Network Knowledge Convergence, Kate Elgayeva. Developing Leadership as Well as Leaders, Keith W. Ray and Joan Goppelt. Embodied Dialogue: A Generative Source of Knowing for Leaders, Angel S. Buster. Enacting Leadership in the Favela: An Empirical Investigation Using a Dialogical Heuristic Framework, Renato Souza and Brad Jackson. European Commission: Leading Diversity by Dialogue, Gerda M. van Dijk and Rens van Loon. Leveraging the Dialogical Nature of Service Blueprinting to Address Wicked Organizational Problems, J. Will Roberts and Rob Koonce. About the Editors and Authors. Index.