The EdD and the Scholarly Practitioner

Edited by:
Jill Alexa Perry, University of Pittsburgh; and the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED)

Published 2016

The purpose of this book is to highlight the efforts of the members of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) to prepare Scholarly Practitioners in the field of education leadership. The volume is edited by Jill Alexa Perry, Executive Director of CPED, a consortium of 86 schools of education in the US, Canada and New Zealand. CPED is a collaboration of faculty working together since 2007 to re‐envision professional practice preparation in education. Contributing authors include faculty and graduates from CPED‐influenced programs. Faculty members highlight the need to rethink and strengthen all aspects of doctoral level preparation for practitioners, the expanded and enhanced role of research, inquiry and the dissertation in practice, and discuss the implications these changes have on university schools of education. Students and graduates, who face pressing educational issues in their daily lives, reflect on the impact their EdD program has had on their professional practice.

Preface. The New Education Doctorate: Preparing the Transformational Leader, Jill Alexa Perry. SECTION I: TOOLS FOR CONSIDERING EdD PROGRAM REDESIGN. The CPED Framework: Tools For Change, Rachael L. Hoffman and Jill Alexa Perry. Change Leadership and Support for the CPED‐Influenced Education Doctorate, Stephanie J. Jones. Building and Sustaining a Learning Cohort, Tricia Browne‐Ferrigno and Bryan D. Maughan. Mentoring Students in CPED‐Influenced Doctoral Programs, Ann Dutton Ewbank. The Role of Research Courses, Ed Bengtson, Kara Lasater, Maureen M. Murphy‐Lee, and Stephanie J. Jones. SECTION II: HIGHLIGHTS FROM CPEDINFLUENCED EdD PROGRAMS. The Practitioner‐Scholar Doctorate: Not a PhD Lite, Michael Chirichello, Mark Wasicsko, and Jim Allen. The Single‐District Dissertation, Craig Hochbein. Using Action Research to Develop Educational Leaders and Researchers, Ray R. Buss and Debby Zambo. The Problem of Practice Dissertation: Matching Program Goals, Practices, and Outcomes, Alisa Belzer, Tali Axelrod, Cathleen Benedict, Tara Jakubik, Michelle Rosen, and Olcay Yavuz. SECTION III: IN THEIR OWN WORDS—EXPERIENCES OF SCHOLARLY PRACTITIONERS. Community College Student Practitioner, Stephanie J. Jones and Pamela S. Campbell. Problem of Practice Dissertations as Improvement Efforts: Implementing Research‐Based New Teacher Induction, Nicole Petrin, Patricia Tartivita, and Alisa Belzer. Journey to Becoming a Scholarly Practitioner, Nancy C. Kline. About the Editor.