The Handbook of Research in Middle Level Education

Edited by:
Vincent A. Anfara Jr., University of Tennessee

A volume in the series: The Handbook of Research in Middle Level Education. Editor(s): Steven B. Mertens, Illinois State University. Micki M. Caskey, Portland State University.

Published 2001

Introduction, Vincent A. Anfara, Jr. PART I: Current Research On The Status Of The Middle School Concept: A Critical Look At Middle Level Reform Efforts From The 1980s To The Present. Chapter 1: Advisory Programs, Vincent A. Anfara, Jr. Chapter 2: Teaming in Middle Schools, Kathleen M. Brown, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Chapter 3: Effective Middle Level Teachers, Kathleen Roney, Rosemont College. Chapter 4: Integrated Curriculum, Richard Powell, University of Colorado at Denver and Laura Allen, Trinity University. Chapter 5: Flexible/Block Scheduling in Middle Schools, Dave F. Brown, West Chester University. Chapter 6: The Relationship between Middle School Concept and Student Achievement, Robert Felner, University of Rhode Island. PART II: Focus On What Is Needed To Push Middle Level Reform Forward. Chapter 7: Staffing Middle Level Schools, Betsy Useem, Philadelphia Education Fund. Chapter 8: Teacher Preparation Programs, Juan Necochea, Janet E. McDaniel and colleagues, California State University San Marcos Chapter 9: The Middle Level Principal: Preparation and Knowledge Necessary for the 21st Century, Vincent A. Anfara, Jr., Temple University, Kathleen M. Brown, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Rebecca Mills, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Kimberly Hartman, University of North Carolina Charlotte, Robert J. Mahar, Temple University. Chapter 10: Turning Points 2000, Gayle Davis, University of Maryland at College Park. Conclusion: Vincent A. Anfara, Jr., Temple University.