The Legacy of Middle School Leaders

In Their Own Words

Edited by:
Tracy W. Smith, Appalachian State University
C. Kenneth McEwin, Professor Emeritus Appalachian State University

A volume in the series: The Handbook of Resources in Middle Level Education. Editor(s): Micki M. Caskey, Portland State University. Steven B. Mertens, Illinois State University.

Published 2011

Sponsored by the Middle Level Education Research SIG of AERA, this inaugural volume in the new IAP book series, The Handbook of Resources in Middle Level Education, focuses on the contributions and impact of the leaders of the modern middle school movement. Contained with this volume are the edited transcripts from 20 extensive interviews of the most influential leaders of the middle level movement, including such notable figures as William Alexander, Donald Eichhorn, John Lounsbury, Conrad Toepfer, and Gordon Vars. This historic volume will be an invaluable resource to proponents, advocates, and students of the middle school concept and developmentally appropriate education for young adolescents.

Introduction to The Handbook of Resources in Middle Level Education Series. Acknowledgements. Preface: The Middle School Legacy Project. Introduction: The Context and Origins of the Middle School Movement. Part I: Founders of the Middle School Movement. Part II: Prominent Leaders in Middle School Education. Part III: Voices of the Past and Visions for the Future. About the Authors. Appendix: The Middle Level Education Legacy Project.