The Post-Factual Polity

Ethical, Governance, Administrative, and Policy Crises in the Disinformation Era

Haris Alibašić, University of West Florida

A volume in the series: Ethics in Practice. Editor(s): Robert A. Giacalone, Texas State University. Carole L. Jurkiewicz, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Published 2024

In The Post-Factual Polity: Ethical, Governance, Administrative, and Policy Crises in the Disinformation Era, Haris Alibasić presents a compelling and timely examination of the intricate challenges facing our society in the age of disinformation and misinformation. This groundbreaking book delves into the critical intersection of ethics, governance, and the pervasive influence of post-factual politics, offering a nuanced understanding of the issues that shape public policy and administration in the digital era.

Haris Alibasić , with his extensive experience and scholarly insight, guides readers through the complexities of ethical governance amidst the rise of disinformation. His insightful analysis, covering topics from the history of factual politics to the role of AI in public discourse, is essential for academics, policymakers, and anyone invested in the future of ethical governance. This book is a beacon for those seeking to navigate and counteract the challenges of misinformation, aiming to foster a more informed, ethical, and resilient society.

The Post-Factual Polity is more than a book; it is an urgent call to action, a roadmap for navigating the tumultuous landscape of modern governance, and a testament to the power of truth in an era of uncertainty. As an authoritative source in the field, it is poised to become a vital reference for those dedicated to upholding the principles of democracy and integrity in public policy and administration.

Foreword. Preface. CHAPTER 1: The Post-Factual Polity of Administration, Ethics, Governance, and Public Policy. CHAPTER 2: The Post-Factual Polity in Historical Context. CHAPTER 3: The Post-Factual Conspiracy Theories: Implications for Administration, Ethics, Governance, and Public Policy. CHAPTER 4: The Post-Factual Freedom of Speech and Access to Information. CHAPTER 5: Moral Inversion and Otherness in the Post-Factual Polity: Holocaust, Genocide Denial, and Memory. CHAPTER 6: Echoes of Intolerance in the Post-Factual Polity: Unraveling Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, and Racism. CHAPTER 7: The Post-Factual Polity and the AI/ML Amplification of Disinformation: A Profound Challenge for Governance and Democracy. CHAPTER 8: Navigating the Post-Factual Disinformation Minefield: An In-Depth Examination.