The Power of We

The Ohio Study Group Experience

Edited by:
Julie K. Biddle
Barbara White

Published 2010

The Power of We: The Ohio Study Group Experience traces the work of a network of early childhood educators who are inspired by and engaged in the study the early childhood programs and practices of Reggio Emilia, Italy. The text describes how the network of study groups began, expanded, and sustained their work. It explains how study groups serve as professional development and are integral to the shaping of learning communities and making an impact on classroom practices in early childhood programs. It chronicles some of the specific experiences of study groups as well as initiatives of Ohio Voices for Learning (OVL), the organization formed by study group facilitators. This book is important for the uniqueness of the organization it describes and the direction it provides for others interested in replicating the study group experience in their geographic area. The targeted audience is the general early childhood education field. It is also appropriate for any educator engaged in or interested in study groups and professional learning communities.

Introduction, Reggio Emilia, Italy. 1 History: An Exhibit Lost and Found. 2 Study Group Stories. 3 The Creation of The Ohio Exhibit “Where Ideas Learn to Fly”: A Story of an Educational Expedition. 4 The Future: Initiatives, Challenges, and Possibilities. References. A Study Group Application. B Reggio Study Group Year-End Assessment. C Selected Texts Used in Study Groups. Authors.