The Pursuit of Excellence

Kentucky State University, 1886-2020

John A. Hardin, Professor Emeritus, Western Kentucky University

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives in Race and Ethnic Relations. Editor(s): M. Christopher Brown, Thurgood Marshall College Fund. T. Elon Dancy, The University of Pittsburgh.

Published 2021

The Pursuit of Excellence: Kentucky State University, 1886-2020 is a compelling examination of the most diverse public institution of higher education in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Starting with Kentucky State University’s establishment in 1886 to train black school teachers, the book explored how the University met and successfully overcame challenges. Although created in an era of racial segregation, Kentucky State University developed an inclusive faculty, staff and student body sustained by a tradition of academic excellence. By 2020, Kentucky State University offered bachelors, master’s and doctoral degree programs as well as 1890 land grant research and service programs. The book provides background on selected notable alumni and their contributions to the Commonwealth and the world.

Preface. Foreword. Acknowledgments. CHAPTER 1: Forging a Path: 1886-1912. CHAPTER 2: From Industrial Institute to College: 1912-1929. CHAPTER 3: KSC Comes of Age: 1929-1962. CHAPTER 4: From College to University: 1962–1975. CHAPTER 5: The University Matures: 1975–1986. CHAPTER 6: A Second Century Begins: 1986–2002. CHAPTER 7: Cultivating Body, Mind and Spirit. CHAPTER 8: On the Path to Excellence: 2002–2020. CHAPTER 9: Excellence from Kentucky State University Roots. CHAPTER 10: Kentucky State University Governing Boards. CHAPTER 11: Kentucky State University Presidents and Interim and Acting Presidents. CHAPTER 12: Kentucky State University Athletics Hall of Fame 1975–2020. CHAPTER 13: Kentucky State University Commencement Speakers 1933–2020. CHAPTER 14: Kentucky State University Honorary Degree Recipients. CHAPTER 15: Kentucky State University National Alumni Association. CHAPTER 16: Miss Kentucky State University 1929–2020. CHAPTER 17: Mr. Kentucky State University 1992–2020. CHAPTER 18: Kentucky State University Roll Call. CHAPTER 19: Select Bibliography and Sources. About the Author.